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Design to Grow

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Design to Grow
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Tomorrows business winners need two things: scale and agility. The answer to both is design.

For over a century, The Coca-Cola Company has used design to scale its flagship brand to over 200 countries. And in recent years it has sustained that growth while becoming even more agile - something most established businesses struggle with.

In Design to Grow, Coca-Colas vice president of Innovation and Entrepreneurship David Butler gives an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at Coca-Colas design-led strategy for growth. He shows how any business can use the same approach to get to the next level.

Clear and actionable, this book is a must-read for leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs.

A handy blueprint for how any company can use design to stay ahead of the competition The Times

Reading Design to Grow has caused me to think differently about my company. I am confident it will do the same for how you think about yours Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO
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